Sweep is a good example of how cats, as well as dogs, can adapt to blindness. Sweep lost both his eyes a few years ago due to anterior lens luxation (a condition where the lens moves into the front segment of the eye) and high intraocular pressure (glaucoma) and ocular pain. He recovered very well after surgery and he was able to adjust and coped very well.  He sadly passed away Summer 2021 and his lovely owners wished to share his story with us to help other owners understand that blind pets can have a very good quality of life.

“Our little Sweep loved chilling out on the sofa, but he was always a little jumpy when people rang the doorbell or come charging in through the door. He walked extremely carefully and occasionally bumped into things, sometimes a little harder than others, but he found his food and the litter tray which was out through the cat flap and onto the ‘catio’, this was his safe haven. When it was quiet and the sun was shining, he liked to spend some time out on the ‘catio’, soaking up the sun’s rays and listening to the noises.

“It took some time for him to learn how to get around but it was a lot harder for us, the family members, to get used to the new Sweep; however later we were truly amazed how well he was coping, our little clever Sweep. Thank you once again for the support, care and love given to Sweep while he was in your care.”