Filou’s Fantastic Surgery Success


Lovely two-year-old Rottweiler Filou was referred to our Ophthalmology team after experiencing five months of pain and discomfort in his eye.

He was understandably nervous and had become very unhappy about being examined or having any eye drops, so he had to be sedated to examine. When Ines Marino Freitas (Post Residency Clinician in Ophthalmology) and Amy Galley (Ophthalmology Resident) examined him they found a rapidly deteriorating corneal ulcer which was being caused by entropion (rolling in) of his lower eyelid with hair touching the surface of his eye.

Filou was admitted straight into our hospital where they undertook surgery to repair his corneal ulcer and correct his entropion.

Whilst Filou was very gentle in nature, he was also very strong weighing 50kg. After the surgery he was also very clever at figuring out how to remove his buster collar, so Amy and Ines had to be creative with lots of different ways to keep his buster collar on whilst he was healing!

Ines said, “He come a long way in trusting us and is now happy for us to examine his eyes, and even tolerates eye drops.”

Filou’s owner and her daughter were so grateful for what Ines and Amy did they said “Words cannot thank Ines and Amy enough for what they have done for our lovely boy, not only saving his eye and doing the absolute best for him medically with their expertise and first-class knowledge, but also for their kindness, patience and compassion. It really has made such a difference to his and also our experience, after such a traumatic first half of the year for us all, they truly have made a positive difference. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Amy commented “We were so delighted to have helped Filou to trust again in having treatment, we worked slowly with him and reassured his owners who were lovely. From past experiences Filou was nervous and had to be sedated for treatment, but with time, care and patience he now lets us examine him, he even tries to sit on our laps! We are so pleased.”

His owners were also incredible with his post-operative care at home, including sleeping with him downstairs! They were so thankful for their care and proud of Filou who is doing is doing really well with comfortable eyes 6 months on.