Luther’s Crucial Surgery

14 year old Luther, a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has had an unusual walking style for a long while due to arthritis. However, things took a turn when he was referred to us to treat a perineal hernia affecting the muscles which support either side of his rectum. 

This condition is not uncommon in older male dogs and can cause serious problems with passing faeces.  The longer the condition is present, the more the muscles weaken and the more serious the signs become. 

In some cases, the bladder can turn 180 degrees and end up stuck in the hernia in a swelling next to the anus which can also prevent normal urination. Luther was also diagnosed with prostate gland and testicular issues.

Rachel Hattersley, one of our Specialists in Soft Tissue Surgery and Head of Theatre performed the surgery, she said: “Initially, Luther was very unsteady on his feet after surgery but with the expert nursing care and with his owner once he was home, Luther is back enjoying his walks, and can now pass faeces comfortably again. Luther was also castrated as it has been shown to reduce the recurrence rates in dogs with perineal hernias after surgery. He is a really happy boy and has a great zest for life and it was a pleasure to meet and treat him.”

His loving owner said: “Luther had arthritic back legs before the operation, the left being the more vulnerable one which had deteriorated. So, we decided to get him some wheels which have been a real success, he’s amazing on them and they are actually helping him with his rehabilitation. Luther’s quality of life is now good. He enjoys his food, walks and still plays with his toys. We had every confidence in the Rachel and would absolutely recommend DWR without a doubt.”