George and his bravery.


George, a lovely, gentle 11-year-old Labrador has been coming to us since 2019. In 2020 he was referred to our Dermatologist with hair loss and a number of skin diseases as well as inflammation of his ear canal.

Diagnostic tests confirmed these diseases and also identified a mass on his neck area, a sample of which was sent to the on-site Clinical Pathology Laboratory, where the Pathologists diagnosed a cutaneous plasma cell tumour. George had previously had a similar tumour removed in March 2019 from his right hind paw.

Later on in 2020 he was unwell, so referred to our Oncology team where he was diagnosed with a high-grade large B-cell lymphoma, a type of cancer in his lungs and other internal organs as well as his skin. George came to us almost every week for a 19-week course of chemotherapy and at that point he was happily in clinical remission. However, the lymphoma returned, so in February 2021 George was restarted on another course of chemotherapy.

By November 2021, thankfully for his dedicated owner, his scan showed a complete clinical remission (no evidence of tumour). George is a true fighter.

George is still a regular with our Dermatology team for the management of his chronic allergic dermatitis. He also has recurrent episodes of external otitis (where his external ear canal becomes inflamed). When our Dermatologist was investigating inside his ears using a video-otoscope (a tiny video camera that transmits images of the ear drum and ear canal to a screen) he found a lump that was sent straight to the lab and revealed a different, more uncommon type of cancer.

George was whisked in to see our Soft Tissue Surgery team where a soft tissue Specialist performed a TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation surgery) and completely removed the large mass.

On top of being so brave George is a friendly, relaxed boy with a dedicated owner who is so proud of him, and so pleased that this care exists so that her boy can still live a happy pain free life.

George was back with us in February 2023 for another CT scan that again showed no evidence of lymphoma. Three years since he was diagnosed!

A short time after that he came back in as he had a sudden temperature that was evidence of a possible urinary tract infection, which he has always been prone to, but it is manageable with antibiotics. However last year he also had a biliary tract infection, which required antibiotics and he was also started on a drug to help the flow of bile (Ursodeoxycolicacid) which he is still on and that thankfully for his dedicated owner seems to do the trick, avoiding major surgery.

He is also on steroids, so his skin has markedly improved, and it has been possible to reduce the dosage. His hearing is impaired and his vision very poor, due to bilateral cataracts. However, George is still a laid back dog and real trooper and his owner said “In his true warrior spirit, he continues to cope with all these impairments remarkably well. I was so happy when George had his scan in March, as it didn’t show any evidence of the lymphoma!… the miracle continues…. I am so grateful for every day we can share together! I am his ‘guide human’ when we are out, and at home you would hardly notice his poor vision. I guess we are just a brilliant team!”

George celebrated his 11th birthday on 23rd April and we all couldn’t be happier.