Jasper’s celebrations after life-saving surgery


Gorgeous 10 year old black Labrador Jasper was referred to us in an emergency with a ruptured gall bladder and leakage of bile into his abdominal cavity. 

Jasper was rushed into emergency surgery to remove his gall bladder and lavage of his abdomen with our Head of Theatre and Specialist in small animal Soft Tissue Surgery Rachel Hattersley.

Even then he wasn’t out of the woods as he developed blood poisoning secondary to the infection in his abdomen, this was a life-threatening condition which required treatment with a 12-week course of antibiotics.  

His owner said: “We are forever grateful for everything you, your team, and everyone at DWR did for him. Jasper is a wonderful dog and we are very lucky to have him in our lives. Now he has celebrated his 10th birthday he has slowed down a lot in the past 18 months and is getting stiff in his old age, but otherwise doing really well I’m so pleased to say.”  

Rachel said: “It’s great to hear from Jasper’s owners that he is doing so well. He was such a special patient and we are so thrilled to hear he is enjoying life.”