Bramble lost her vision due to Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS). This however has not stop her enjoying her life just as much as she had before losing her sight.

Her owner commented: “Bramble gained confidence daily and did mental mapping of the rooms in the house. I bought her a ‘Halo’ to wear that stops her bumping her head and she now whizzes round the house. She can go up and down the stairs, but we do it with a harness and short lead, we don’t allow her to go up or down unaccompanied. She is a lot happier now she is more independent. Hopefully we will be taking her once a week to my dog walkers doggy day care where she will be able to meet back up with her doggie pals. I will keep her on a lead and be with her under my supervision. She will have a fun time.”