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Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine service is concerned with diagnosing complex medical diseases of the internal body systems, such as those affecting the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, blood and hormones.

Staff Members

Simon Tappin

Head of Internal Medicine

Rob Foale

Clinical Director and Consultant, Internal Medicine

Jon Wray

Head of Cardiology and Consultant, Internal Medicine

Rachel Miller

Consultant, Internal Medicine

Alice Tamborini

Consultant, Internal Medicine

Jess Florey

Consultant, Internal Medicine

Mayank Seth

Consultant, Internal Medicine

Ferran Valls Sanchez

Consultant, Internal Medicine

Ariadna Ribas Latre

Consultant, Internal Medicine


In the Internal Medicine Service we specialise in the investigation of complex medical problems. The combination of an experienced and expert team, and sophisticated diagnostic equipment, places us in the best possible position to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders in dogs and cats. We regularly investigate such conditions as: vomiting, diarrhea or weight loss; hormonal problems such as diabetes; bleeding; lung disease; cancer and heritable disease. All of these are non-specific signs, common to a range of illnesses.

Because many of our patients have complicated problems that can be difficult to diagnose or treat, they often require a period of hospitalisation to allow a full investigation to be made. We understand that this can be a distressing time for owners and we try to reduce the stress as much as possible by communicating our findings and discussing progress on a daily basis.

We are also very aware of the individual needs of cats and therefore we have invested extensively in feline-only facilities, including a 20-unit inpatient ward for their comfort and security.

We aim to apply and develop non-invasive techniques whenever possible and we have extensive experience in the use of interventional radiology. This method of guiding needles and catheters allows us to treat many conditions non-surgically, thus reducing physical trauma, risk of infection and recovery time.

Our Internal Medicine Team works with Specialists from other disciplines to ensure the highest possible level of care.

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