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Staff Members

James Oliver

Head of Ophthalmology

Jane Sansom

Consultant, Ophthalmology

Renata Stavinohova

Clinical Fellow, Ophthalmology

Elena Fenollosa Romero

Clinical Fellow, Ophthalmology

Thomas Large

Resident, Ophthalmology

Inês Freitas

Resident, Ophthalmology


The Ophthalmology Service is run by James Oliver, supported by Jane Sansom (Consultant), Goran Kosec (Clinician), Renata Stavinohova and Elena Fenollosa Romero (Clinical Fellows), Azzurra Massidda, Tom Large and Inês Freitas (Residents) and Hannah Joyce (Intern).

We offer a comprehensive ophthalmology service with 24-hour availability for emergency referrals at DWR. This service is complemented by a clinic in London at the Bayswater Referral clinic most Wednesdays.

Our extensive range of diagnostic techniques includes slit lamp biomicroscopy, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, gonioscopy and electroretinography. We have 24-hour access to ultrasonography (including contrast-enhanced ultrasound facilities), radiography, CT and MRI; and our on-site clinical pathology laboratory ensures a rapid turnaround of results.

We offer the combination of expertise, experience and access to advanced technology for treating a full range of conditions. Our state-of-the-art operating theatre is equipped with a modern operating microscope to create the best possible foundation for surgery of the delicate ocular tissues, including conjunctival, corneal and intraocular structures.

The surgical options offered routinely include:

  • Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification and intraocular lens placement)
  • Lens luxation surgery
  • Corneal surgery (grafting, transpositions, keratectomy)
  • Conjunctival surgery, including surgeries of the third eyelid
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Face lifts and corrective eyelid surgery (including reconstruction)
  • Enucleations/intraorbital and intrascleral prostheses
  • Cryosurgery (for conditions such as distichiasis, glaucoma, neoplasia and retinal detachment)

Our Ophthalmology Consultants are pleased to offer advice to colleagues in primary care practice.

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