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Ophthalmology is the investigation and treatment of disorders, diseases and injuries of the eye and/or its surrounding structures. We offer a comprehensive eye care service for dogs, cats and horses.

Staff Members

James Oliver

Head of Ophthalmology

Jane Sansom

Consultant, Ophthalmology

Renata Stavinohova

Clinical Fellow, Ophthalmology

Elena Fenollosa Romero

Clinical Fellow, Ophthalmology

Thomas Large

Resident, Ophthalmology

InĂªs Freitas

Resident, Ophthalmology


Our comprehensive medical and surgical ophthalmology service is available 24 hours/day for emergencies. We offer first class clinical care for dogs, cats and exotic animals with eye disease and, if requested, we can also accept equine patients in collaboration with the Newmarket Equine Hospital.

We have a wealth of experience and access to advanced technology for diagnosing and treating a full range of ocular conditions. Our operating theatre is equipped with very sophisticated instrumentation allowing us to perform specialised surgery for conditions such as eyelid surgery, corneal and conjunctival surgery (keratectomies, corneal ulcers and perforations) cataracts, lens luxation, and glaucoma, etc.

We offer screening of dogs for genetic eye diseases following the Hereditary Eye Disease Schemes of the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and the British Veterinary Association. We perform litter testing for puppies between 6 and 8 weeks of age.

The combination of facilities, equipment and expertise allows us to provide the best possible care. This is enhanced further by the availability of Specialists in other related disciplines, allowing the multi-disciplinary approach taken to all patients in our care. This is particularly important for ophthalmology patients, as many eye conditions are associated with systemic disease.

Specialist Referral Services

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