Harley’s Heroic Surgery

Gorgeous and much loved 9-year-old Poodle Harley had started coughing regularly, so his owner took him straight to their vet who after some blood tests referred him to us.

Sadly, a CT scan showed the presence of a large mass occupying the whole left chest cavity and part of his right chest.

Daniela Murgia, one of our Specialists in Soft Tissue Surgery operated on Harley – she was assisted with his care by one of our Internal Medicine Residents Mireia Pascual Moreno – said: “The challenge with Harley was that the tumour involved the whole left lung and therefore removal of the entire lung on the left side was necessary. It’s a rare procedure but it went as planned and Harley had a smooth recovery. We’re all very happy that he’s back enjoying life and spending quality time with his owner.”

This extremely rare surgery to remove an entire left lung is so rare that only a few reports of it exist in veterinary literature, and it also carries a high risk of potential complications.

Harley’s owner is loving every day with Harley who continues to do well some nine months after the operation.

She said “Harley is really good now and we go on long walks, which he really enjoys. We realise that every day counts, so we’re making the most of it. The team at DWR has been amazing and continue to be in touch to see how Harley is getting on. My thanks go to them for making it possible to have Harley in my life for as long as possible.”