Skyla’s Fighting Faith

Gorgeous 7 year old German Shepherd Skyla, was referred to our Oncology team by her vet for further investigations of the cancer lymphoma.

Skyla’s initial presentation was unusual because most dog’s with lymphoma have enlargement of all of their lymph nodes whereas Skyla just had those in her groin affected. 

This genetic variety of this cancer needed to be treated using chemotherapy, overseen by Filipa Lyseight, one of our Specialists in Oncology. However, the first line treatment with Lomustine upset her liver and she suffered a relapsed. A change was made to a different drug called Doxorubicin, which allowed Skyla to go into remission thanks to chemotherapy. 

Her owner said, “We were in shock and disbelief and crushed at the initial cancer diagnosis, as Skyla was acting completely normal. She was still very playful, eating plenty and full of life. The diagnosis didn’t match the energy she had.”

Skyla has enjoyed a better quality of life being on the medication, however sadly her cancer has returned. Her loving, dedicated owners are doing all they can to have extra quality time with her.

Her owner said “We were reassured that chemotherapy was absolutely worth trying and it would buy us more time with our beloved girl. It has done just that. Skyla is still doing well but sadly the cancer has returned. But she’s strong and well enough to have a few more treatments. She’s a little more tired these days but still finds plenty of energy to chase the kids around. We’re lucky to have her with us for longer.”

He finished by saying “My thanks go to all at DWR Veterinary Specialists. Filipa and the rest of the team are amazing. They have kept Skyla’s welfare constantly in mind and found alternatives if something was having an effect on her. It shows the professionalism of everyone at DWR.”