Luna’s Eye Surgery


Lovely one-year-old Luna was referred to us with eye problems that meant she needed surgery on both eyes.

Inȇs Freitas, one of our Ophthalmologists who led her care said: “Luna was referred to us for persistent eye discharge and discomfort. I examined her and confirmed a diagnosis of entropion which meant that her eyelids were rolling inwards allowing the skin hairs to constantly touch and irritate the surface of both of her eyes. As a result, we undertook corrective eyelid surgery which resolved her eye problems. Luna is doing well and I understand that despite being very shy when she comes for appointments, she is back to being her cheeky self when at home, which shows that the operation was a complete success.”

Her owner was so grateful to Inȇs and the team and said “When we heard the diagnosis we were, naturally, worried about the effect it was having on her eyes. However, Inȇs was very reassuring and we had every faith in her. She was informative and attentive to Luna, and that in turn meant Luna remained calm. Now that Luna has had the operation, she is doing very well and is happier that her eyes aren’t irritating her.”